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Please don't forget to read our group rules before joining us as a member or submitting artwork!

Here is a list of artists in this group who are currently offering commissions.

Before submitting a Commission Listing to us, please read our Commission Listing FAQ and follow ALL directions.

  • :star: :iconthegodofiron: :star:
    Commissions Open Until: Permanent
    For Prices and Samples, see
    Added 5/14/17

  • :star: :iconsayuui: :star:
    Commissions Open Until: Until the end of July or when the 10 slots get filled.
    For Prices and Samples, see:
    Added 5/15/17

  • :star: :icondeixiv: :star:
    Commissions Open Until: Permanent
    For Prices and Samples, see:…
    Added 5/15/17

If your submission is unanswered or expired please pm the group with a link to the correspondence (NOT to the art), as it may have been overlooked by mistake.

Reminder: If a join request or deviation has been declined please reread the rules before asking why. The answer is literally in there, 95% of the time.

Regarding the Codeword
Please stop asking about the codeword. The fact you know about it shows that you at least glanced at the rules, or were told the decline was for failure to use codeword. To learn more about the codeword, reread the rules, as the codeword and how to use it are found within that journal. Thank you.

Another thing
Please do not PM individual admins regarding group stuff. They can do or say whatever they want to you when you pm them and we are not responsible for any behavior via PRIVATE message. ONLY PM THE GROUP REGARDING QUESTIONS/COMMENTS ABOUT THE GROUP.

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks.
As some of you are no doubt aware, we have some pretty strict limits on submissions.

That's because...

We need Helpers, people who are interested in keeping this club active and organized!

There's almost 24,000 members and only two people actually actively running this group - that's 12000 members for every one of us!

Here's what we're looking for:

:bulletgreen: Mature, responsible individuals who are willing to work with others, will communicate with the rest of the group staff if there is an issue, and have at least a little time every week to do some work with just this group.

:bulletgreen: Translators, or people with experience writing and reading in more than language who are willing to help.

:bulletgreen: People with experience in operating and organizing a group on deviantArt.

Helpers will be expected to do the following:

:bulletblue: Assist members with questions
:bulletblue: Screen out submissions that don't follow our rules (which are just dA's rules, but geared towards helping artists think about portfolio-quality pieces)
:bulletblue: Keep the gallery organized, by moving deviations to the appropriate folders.
:bulletblue: Remove stored deviations from the gallery and folders.
:bulletblue: Resubmit expired deviations, if the link to the original correspondence item is provided. (As a Helper, the 4 per year submission limit does not apply to you specifically so you can help people with this; you are not allowed to use this privilege to send in as many of your own deviations as you want.)

If you want to be a Helper, you must be able to provide a little time EVERY week to help out!  

This is very important.  We have a lot of people in this group and they are relying on the Helpers to make sure it works.

If you have time now, but think you won't later, that's fine, as long as you tell us when you're no longer able to help.

Please note the group or TwinEnigma if you are interested.
If you have any problems with the rules, please contact one of our Helpers by noting the group only after trying to use a translation program if English is not your first language.

Please read all rules carefully!!

Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences, leading up to being banned from this group. You MUST read the rules to have deviations or  membership accepted.

  • 1. All Submissions must be UNDER 200 favorites
  • 2. No Sketches or Works In Progress - FINISHED WORKS ONLY
  • 3. No DevIDs
  • 4. All stock must be properly cited
  • 5. No Traces or Edits of Copyrighted Material
    • Submitting traces or edits of copyrighted material will result in a warning the first time you do it and a ban the second time.  Keep in mind there is a very fine line between "referencing" and "tracing".  Click the (period) / (fullstop) / (dot) in the title of the next section
  • 6. All work must be your own
    • Submitting stolen material will result in your immediate ban from this group
  • 7. All submissions of deviation and membership must have the codeword of our group added to the comments on their correspondence item for every submission
    • We will not accept the submission without this codeword
  • 8. Submissions are automatically limited
    • You will not be able to submit more than your limit.  You will only be able to submit 4 deviations per year. Helpers may, however, choose to submit something of yours, which will not count towards your limit
  • 9. Keep your correspondence for future reference
  • Sometimes correspondences expire, we will NOT open a new resubmission for you without this proof
  • 10. If a submission expires that should have been accepted, please send the group a note with a link to the expired correspondence. This way, a Helper can resubmit the deviation for you. WE DO NOT ACCEPT A LINK TO THE IMAGE ITS SELF FOR THIS!
  • 11. We do not accept deviations made by a different user, or that go-against the terms of use for deviantArt and/or would be rated above PG-13
    Nudity/suggestiveness is OK, specifically sexual content is not

  • Submitting to UnseenArtists.

    • 1. Make sure your image meets the above criteria

    • 2. Click submit to a group and select UnseenArtists

    • 3. Go into your messages and select "Correspondence Items"

    • 4. There will be a notice saying that your deviation is waiting approval.  Click on the link titled "Comments"

    • 5. Type in our codeword and hit send

  • What is the Codeword?

    • The codeword is a word or phrase I, TwinEnigma, have entered into a comment.  

      To submit to this group, you must add it to the comments of your submission's private correspondence message AND to your join as a member request - the item in your inbox that tells you whether or not we've accepted your work yet - to prove that you've read and understand our rules.

      To prevent you from copy and pasting it, I've concealed it in a devMuro image.  You WILL have to view the image in order to see it.
  • Where do I find it?

    • Read very carefully.  The instructions to find it are in this blog.

      It is not in any of the comments to this blog.
  • Why do I need a codeword?

    • It proves you have read and understand our submission rules.

      It also prevents certain users who have abused our system in the past from spamming us with submissions.

If you have any problems with the rules, please contact one of our Helpers by noting the group only after trying to use a translation program if English is not your first language.
If you are still waiting for your membership or submission to be approved, please write the codeword into the comments section of your correspondence item!

It should look like THIS

We have left submissions and membership requests active to the maximum amount of time we can, so we're just sitting here waiting for you to provide that comment.

But WHY should I do that?!

:star: :star: :star: It says "this is ALL set, so move me right to the head of the line, baby!" :star: :star: :star:

My art ALWAYS follows the rules!  I shouldn't have to play these games!

Like it or not, we put this system in for a reason - or, rather, 24,000+ reasons.  The amount of people who just want to submit versus the amount of people willing to volunteer and help out literally is close to 1 Helper per 3000+ people.  We receive on average 250 to 500 submissions a week.  Every one that we don't have to manually check because you took the time to make sure it was all set before it comes to us is one less that we have to sort through.  

But how do we know you've followed the rules?  You may follow them, but the 250+ other submissions your work is hiding among might contain a grab bag of stuff that does and stuff that clearly doesn't.

So, we made the codeword into a shortcut.  It drops us right on top of your submission and tells us "I got you, guys - I've already checked this, so you can put this right in, no problem."

In effect, you're helping us.

Yeah, finding it can be a little tricky, but once you do, you have it forever.  It doesn't change.

I tried looking for it in the submission rules, but I'm having trouble:

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Ask for help and you shall receive it!  :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

If you're dyslexic or it's not in your language or whatever, just tell us about it in a note and we'll help you. The more specific you are about the problem, the better we'll be able to help you.   The type of help we give you is tailored to your specific situation.

I understand this is frustrating and a lot of you just want to submit and be done, but well... there are a lot of you and not enough people helping out.

Maybe, in the future, if we can raise enough points to renew the Super Group subscription, I'll open up a category for people who have earned it to be able to submit once a month, without codeword.  For right now, though, this is how it is.

I want to help!

Okay, here's the thing: the more help we get, the more we can open up submissions.

Unfortunately, this isn't something that a lot of people volunteer for or, when they do, find it to be a good fit for them, timewise or socially.

Let's face it: you guys can be pretty hard on us and, generally speaking, no one wants to get someone cussing them out over the fact they forgot to add the codeword, much less telling them how they're horrible, elitist human beings who only favor the popular just because they declined someone for failing to provide the codeword.

We're looking for people who have had experience in the groups system and at least 1 hour a week to check and see who's submissions are ready to go and resubmit those that have provided the codeword, but accidentally expired.  Thick skin is a must, as a small percentage of people on dA tend to be highly abusive.

We are also looking for people who are just interested in running feature blogs through this group and people who can translate for us.

In both cases, Helpers will receive the ability to submit whenever they want, however much they want a month, provided that they do not abuse the ability by submitting everything in their gallery.  This function is intended to help members who are having trouble with the codeword and for Helpers running features, not for Helpers to spam the group members.

If you are interested in becoming a helper, please note UnseenArtists.

FAQ Translations

Please note that any languages other than English are made by fans, not group staff. As such they may be inaccurate Please compare any rules to those found in the English blog with use of a translation program.

:bulletred: English -…
:bulletorange: German -…
:bulletyellow: Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) -…
:bulletgreen: Estonian -…
:bulletblue: Spanish -…
:bulletpurple: Polish -…

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