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Q: What is a Theme Challenge and who can participate?

A: A theme challenge is a topic we set out for the purpose of generating ideas and encouraging club members to create new artwork. Everyone, no matter what their specialty or medium of art is, may take on a theme challenge. The idea is that a theme challenge gives you a topic to help you generate new ideas for your work.

Q: Is there a deadline?

A: There is no deadline for a theme challenge! You can take as long as you want and submit whenever you are ready.  These are not contests!

Q: How many times can I respond to a challenge?

A: As many times as you want!

Q: What do I do when I've answered the challenge?

A: Submit your theme challenge picture by going to our gallery when submissions are open and clicking "Contribute an existing Deviation" and switching the destination folder from "Featured" to "Challenge Responses" OR by clicking on the Challenge Response Folder and clicking "Contribute to this folder".

Once our submissions staff has verified it's an answer to one of our challenges, it will be approved.  Please only send in one response per submission date!

You can also recommend it to the Challenge Response folder in our favorites.

Q: May I suggest a challenge? I have a great idea!

A: Sure! Send your challenge ideas to TwinEnigma in a note or by posting a suggestion on The Big Dialog: Member Feedback and Suggestions blog entry.

Q: What are the Challenges?  Show me to them!

A: The challenges are as follows:

:bulletblue: Birthdays

:bulletblue: Romance

:bulletblue: Spring

:bulletblue: Graduation

:bulletblue: Food

:bulletblue: Autumn

:bulletblue: Winter

:bulletblue: Summer

& more to come, so stay tuned!

FAQ Translations

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