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This blog is specifically focused for us to talk to you about club-related stuff. This means stuff like proposed changes, feedback and suggestions. As much as the staff can privately discuss things and we can talk a little on polls, you members are the backbone of the club and we NEED your input if we want to make this place better. It's as much your club as it is ours.

Keeping the Group a Super Group and Commissions Listings

  • 1. A little background

    We used to have a blog, before we converted, called "Member Advertisements".  Members could post ads, asking for friends, crit, telling people they were open for commissions, and all that. Members had to send us all the codes, links and info they wanted in their ad.

    We stopped doing that when we converted, instead offering a similar service for our affiliates and their contests (which we are in the process of revamping).

    Member Ads was pretty popular and I know a few of you are still interested in that kind of service.  We have a lot more members than we used to, so if we do commission listings again, it has to be handled a little differently.

    • They'll have to be much shorter. Old ones were paragraphs long.
  • 2. Keeping Us A Super Group

    A super group subscription costs $59.95 US dollars or about 4800 points (1 point = 1/80th a US dollar).

    It is what allows us to have the countdown, multiple subfolders in the gallery, thumbnails in journals, polls and all the shiny stuff.  Really, if we got even 1 or 2 points from only a fourth of the members of this group, we'd be able to get our group sub.

    Currently, I have been trying to raise donations of points towards renewing the group's subscription (through my profile or…). I've got 55 so far.

    Before we converted to groups, we took donations of subscriptions, often just a month's worth from people.  The people who donated would get a special feature.  We could try that again, say by allowing people who donate to have a special privclass and submit once a month orrrrrr... we could do something else.
  • 3. What do Commission Listings and Keeping us a Super Group have in common?

    Well, here's the thing.  You want features.  We need super group status to have those features available to you.

    Here's what we're thinking:

    • 10 points buys you a commission listing - your icon, a link to your commission information and a one line summary of how long you're open for commissions.

    • 20 points (or more) gets you a temporary listing on the group profile.

    • We will list you for a month, unless you want to be relisted, which will cost additional points.

Let's hear some feedback!

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