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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I Join?

2. How do I Submit my Art?

3. How many deviations may I submit?

4. What sort of art can I submit?

5. Can I suggest favorites?

6. How do I become a Moderator or Contributor?

7. How do I affiliate?


9. My membership or submission was declined!  Why?

10. I have a question or complaint.  How do I ask about it?

1. How do I Join? [top]

Click "Join this Group!"

If you wish to be accepted and later submit art, please prove that you have read our submission rules by including the codeword discussed in our submission rules in your join request as well as future art submission requests.

2. How do I Submit my Art? [top]

You must be a member of this group to submit. Please submit to the featured folder.

These rules have been updated, however, new updates to the submission rules will be posted in the New Submission And Membership Rules blog first.  If you are uncertain if the rules have changed, check there first.

Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences, leading up to being banned from this group.

    • All Submissions must be UNDER 200 favorites

    • No Sketches or Works In Progress - FINISHED WORKS ONLY

    • No DevIDs

    • All stock must be properly cited

    • No Traces or Edits of Copyrighted Material
      • Submitting traces or edits of copyrighted material will result in a warning the first time you do it and a ban the second time.  Keep in mind there is a very fine line between "referencing" and "tracing" and if you think we won't be able to tell, you are wrong.  Click the dot in the title of the next underlined section.

    • All work must be your own
      • Submitting stolen material will result in your immediate ban from this group.

    • All submissions must have the codeword of our group added to the comments on their correspondence item for every submission
      • We will not accept the submission without this codeword.

    • Submissions are automatically limited
      • You will not be able to submit more than your limit.  You will only be able to submit 4 deviations per year. Helpers may, however, choose to submit something of yours, which will not count towards your limit.

    • Keep your correspondence for future reference
      • If a submission expires that should have been accepted, please send the group a note with a link to the expired correspondence. This way, a Helper can resubmit the deviation for you.

    • We do not accept deviations that go-against the terms of use for deviantArt and/or would be rated above PG-13
      • Nudity/suggestiveness is OK, specifically sexual content (e.g. graphic description or portrayal of masturbation, intercourse, etc) is not OK.

  • Submitting to UnseenArtists.

    • A. Make sure your image meets the above criteria.

    • B. Click submit to a group and select UnseenArtists.

    • C. Go into your messages and select "Correspondence Items"

    • D. There will be a notice saying that your deviation is waiting approval.  Click on "Comments".

    • E. Type in our codeword and hit send.

  • What is the Codeword?

    • The codeword is a word or phrase I, TwinEnigma, have entered into a comment.  

      To submit to this group, you must add it to the comments of your submission's private correspondence message - the item in your inbox that tells you whether or not we've accepted your work yet - to prove that you've read and understand our rules.

      To prevent you from copy and pasting it, I've concealed it in a devMuro image.  You WILL have to view the image in order to see it.
  • Where do I find it?

    • Read very carefully.  The instructions to find the link to the comment are in this journal.  

      It is NOT in the comments to this journal.
  • Why do I need a codeword?

    • It proves you have read and understand our submission rules.

      It also prevents certain users who have abused our system in the past from spamming us with submissions.

If you have any language issues or if we do not yet have an available translation of these rules in your language, please contact one of our Helpers privately only after trying to use a translation program.

3. How many deviations may I submit? [top]
Four per year. This is automatically limited. A disgruntled staff member explains numerically why.

4. What sort of art can I submit? [top]
You may submit art of any medium or style! Paintings, photography, film, literature, cartoons, poetry - anything goes!

Submissions MUST be your own finished works. Do not submit sketches, works in progress, memes, colored manga (e.g. colored panels of Naruto) or devIDs.
We will NOT accept stolen art.

We do accept nudes and suggestive artwork, however we do not accept anything with specifically sexual content, such as graphic description or depiction of masturbation, sexual intercourse, penetration, or fellatio.

For more information, read the following FAQs:
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

5. Can I suggest favorites? [top]
Absolutely! Go right ahead! Those are unlimited.

6. How do I become a Moderator or Contributor? [top]
Ask TwinEnigma. Generally, I'm looking for some responsible people.

7. How do I affiliate? [top]
Send an affiliate request from your group's profile using the "Affiliate" button and we'll approve it.

Please don't leave your group name in a comment on the our profile - it is likely to get marked as spam. Sending a request to affiliate is not likely to get overlooked.

If you don't like receiving a lot of deviations and want to look through on your own time, you can can opt to remove the "deviations" portion of the group from your devwatch. To do this, you need to go into your friendslist manager and uncheck the box for deviations. You can also do this now right from your devwatch inbox by clicking on the arrow next to the deviations and clicking "Edit devwatch."

Please, however, don't unwatch the journals/blog, as all important updates will go through them.

You can find your friendslist manager by doing the following:

Go to the upper right corner of your dA screen and click on the little thing that says "Friends". Go to "Add/Remove".

Scroll until you find UnseenArtists and click off the part of devwatch that says "Deviations". Then click save/update. This should solve the problem with deviation flooding. Leaving the group itself does NOT always fix this problem.

9. My membership or submission was declined!  Why?! [top]

If you get declined it boils down to one of two things:

  • 75% of the time it's because you did not include the codeword in your correspondence item.

    When you join or submit, you will receive a correspondence item (CO item) in your inbox - it should look like this when you click on it:

    When joining, you can add the codeword directly to your join request, but if you don't, we give you some time so that you can go to the correspondence item in your inbox and add it by clicking on the comment link.

    Likewise, with submissions, we do give you some leeway with them so that you can add that codeword, but if you don't add it after a few days, we will decline it.
  • The other 25% of the time is because your submission failed to meet the criteria for submissions in some way.  Common reasons for decline are:
    • It's unfinished or a sketch

    • It has over 200 faves at the time of submission

    • It's stolen or copyrighted material

You will find the link to the codeword in this rules blog, as well as the New Submission And Membership Rules blog.

The codeword is not on the profiles, blogs or galleries of any of the Helpers or staff for this group.  Likewise, the codeword is not TwinEnigma, join, members, a complete description of your talents/interests/skills/specialties or emoticons.  If you need assistance finding the codeword, please ask a Helper for assistance in a note.

Do not take being declined personally.  It's not a personal attack.  Check your CO item and make sure you've got the codeword.  If you were declined in error, send the group a note with a link to the CO item and we will address it.

10. I have a question or complaint.  How do I ask about it? [top]
Send a note to UnseenArtists with your question or complaint to get a response. The comments box in reply to this blog or the front page is not an appropriate location. (It may even get featured in this FAQ.)

FAQ Translations

Please note that any languages other than English are made by fans, not group staff. As such they may be inaccurate Please compare any rules to those found in the English blog with use of a translation program.

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