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:bulletorange: Upcoming updates :bulletorange:

Hi, everyone.  You may notice a few layout changes on our group profile.  I'm tweaking it for the :new: Commission Listings space.

Yes, you heard me.  Starting September 1st, the commission listings will go active to help raise points to keep this group a super group.

Here's the rundown:
  • 10 points gets you a commission listing - your icon, a link to your commission information and a one line summary of how long you're open for commissions.
  • 20 points (or more) gets you a temporary listing on the group profile.
  • We will list you for a month, unless you want to be relisted, which will cost additional points.

Please, if you have points to spare, consider donating them to keep the group a super group!…

I am also looking for more helpers.  Specifically, I'd like people who can update said commission listing blog every week, but more help in general would not hurt.  Tasks are pretty easy and all you need are a few minutes or an hour to spare.

In exchange for their hard work, Helpers get the following:
  • They get to pick art they want to feature in the Helper's Picks folder.
  • They get to submit more often (within reason, mind).
  • They can submit blogs to the group.
  • They can suggest and run features or contests through the group.


We are still looking for people willing to translate our rules or run non-English features.  

Interested people would become Helpers and able to submit a bit more often, suggest images to the Helper's pick category and run blog features. I am only looking for dedicated, responsible people who can spare some time each month to help out and are willing to translate.

If you're interested, please drop the group a line through notes.

READ THE SUBMISSION RULES.  Failure to do so makes Helpers rage.

If your username begins with "#5, #8, A, Y, & B", you have until Sunday, 23:59 GMT-5 to submit.

Do not submit if your dA username does not match those letters.

Also, I have started a points donation pool on my profile,… , for keeping this group a super group.  If you can, donate some points.  Every little bit helps - this will allow us to continue doing some of our journal features and make use of the folders.

  • Our submissions system is flooding control - we want you to look at our submissions, not delete stacks of 1000+.
  • Members who wish to be seen need to be proactive about it and submit to multiple groups.  Save ONLY your BEST for UnseenArtists, please.
  • If you have a complaint, don't leave it on the profile - use the group's note system.



Any comments? Suggestions? Send me a note cause I wanna know! :D
- TwinEnigma


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