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September 26, 2012
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1) Your deviation or member join request was probably denied because you didn't read/follow the rules. Read The Rules.

2) Don't spam our front page. No advertising for groups, deviations, comments on your art/page, nothing of the sort, and especially not advertisements for contests on other sites. Read more about it here to determine if your comment could be considered 'spam'. You should, because spammers get blocked from the group. If you have legitimate questions/concerns, those should be sent in notes so that way our staff can more easily (and in an organized way) help you.

3) Got a question about your correspondence message, or something else specific that you actually want answered, or about anything about our group at all? Don't post it on our front page. Note the group! This way we can actually see it, and know whether or not you've been helped. It's a more appropriate place to discuss things.

4) Did you follow the rules but your deviation expired? Please don't resubmit. Instead, copy to the correspondence of the submission (should start with http:// unseenartists.deviantart , NOT http: //my.deviantart!!!). Write a note to the group titled, "Expired submission" and  link us to that correspondence. Our staff should resubmit it for you, and they should link you to the new correspondence. If they do not, ask them to do so for your own records, and save that link in your bookmarks until it goes through (you may not be able to view it, it will say, "Forbidden material" or something like that on the link because it is a group moderation page).

Thanks for reading!
Isaiahpeeples Jan 22, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
DettanKarmen7 Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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